More Space Place Greenville’s 2020 Guide to Garage Organization

Like most of us, you’ve probably been meaning to clean out our garage and get organized. If you find yourself sick of unwanted boxes, disorganized tools, and athletic equipment then it’s likely time for deep cleaning. Fortunately, we’re here to help you out with a few simple steps to getting your garage organized.

1. Check Your Schedule

Organizing your garage isn’t something you can accomplish in just a few hours. For an undertaking like this, it’s going to be best to plan to clean your garage over the course of a weekend. If at all possible, try to enlist a few family members or friends to give you a hand as well. The more folks you have assisting you the easier this project will be.

2. Determine What Kind of Storage You Need

There are tons of different storage options available, and it’s best to determine how much storage you’ll need before rushing out to buy tons of bins and shelves. The best way to start is by organizing your stuff into a few categories such as:

  • Outdoor & Garden Tools
  • Power Tools & Hand Tools
  • Athletic Equipment
  • Camping Gear
  • Automotive Supplies

3. Organize Your Supplies

While you’ll obviously be needing some storage options (more on that below), there are likely a few other things you’ll need. A good list of supplies to start with would be:

  • Cardboard boxes for items you plan to donate
  • A tape measure to determine the space you have available for storage shelves, cabinets, etc.
  • Trash bags for anything you plan to throw away

4. Plan Your New Garage Layout

Now that you’re all organized and ready to go it will be easier to determine your storage needs. For example, if you have a few hand tools you need to store then perhaps a pegboard or a french cleat system might make an attractive option. French cleat could be especially useful if you have lots of outdoor & gardening tools. Of course, we recommend our Slatwall system, which makes tool storage a cinch!

If you have athletic equipment & camping gear you need to store it might be worth it to invest in a storage tower to hold storage bins. These are an inexpensive option, and you can easily label storage bins to keep track of what’s inside.

There’s also plenty of other storage options, such as cabinets, additional shelving, and overhead storage. This is what makes it important to determine how much space you have. With the right set of measurements on hand, you can come up with a functional layout that will still give you the ability to park your car within your garage and store your belongings.

5. Don’t Forget Overhead Storage

Do you enjoy cycling or kayaking? While these activities can be extremely rewarding, you’ve no doubt grown tired of all the room a bicycle can take up. The good news is that an overhead storage system is quite easy to install, and will really free up some space in your garage. 

Hoists for bicycles and kayaks are quite affordable and generally run between $30-$50. Installation is quick, and you will be able to free up some much-needed floor space.

6. Take a Trip To Goodwill

Just like any other organization project, it’s going to be necessary to separate the wheat from the chaff. If you find that you have some old athletic equipment you aren’t using or tools you can donate it’s a good idea to take them to a secondhand store.  You’ll be benefiting those in need by donating, and you know that someone is getting utility out of your old gear. The added benefit is that you’ll also be removing some unwanted items that will make the organization much easier.

7. Start Organizing!

Now that you’ve finished disposing of unwanted items and you’ve got a plan of attack the next thing to do is start your garage organization project. If installing Slatwall systems, mounting pegboard, and building custom cabinets isn’t your thing we’d recommend hiring a professional. But, if you’ve got an eye for design and don’t mind a little bit of hard work then dive in and get your hands dirty. 

If you’ve managed to press-gang a few family members into helping you it’s best to delineate different tasks to different folks. This way you will be able to ensure that you’re maintaining a high level of efficiency as you tackle your project. If you’re a bit handier, for example, it might be best to handle mounting pegboard or installing french cleats.

8. Make Sure To Practice Safe Storage

There are certain items that should never be stored in a garage. According to this helpful article, there are several things you should avoid keeping in your garage. This includes:

  • Propane Tanks – The highly flammable nature of propane is definitely a fire risk, and should be stored outside.
  • Pet Food – Pet food can attract scavengers and vermin to your garage. The last thing you want after renovating your garage is rats.
  • Canned Goods – Exposure to the elements can greatly shorten their shelf life.
  • Linens & Clothing – This can also attract animals looking for a place to nest
  • Paint & Glue – Paints and wood glues that are subjected to extreme temperatures variations can quickly become useless. Store these indoors where they will be protected from the elements.

9. Enjoy!

Finishing up a brand new garage organization project can be quite rewarding. Once you’ve finished your project the only thing that makes sense to do is sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. The one thing we would recommend after you’ve finished is to periodically check your garage to see if there’s anything you need to get rid of. Just like a closet full of unworn clothes, there’s no sense in having a cluttered garage.

If you do find yourself in over your head, remember that your friends at More Space Place Greenville are always here to help. Sometimes the best way to handle a home project is to contact a professional that can do it for you. We’ll be more than happy to do all the hard work for you.